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Welcome to I&M Fire Consultancy

Safeguarding properties and lives against the risk of fire in the London – Bristol – Birmingham – Southampton area

Fire engine and fire: I&M Fire Consultancy offer professional fire safety consultancy solutions

I&M Fire Consultancy is a company specialising in fire safety assessments, surveys, audits, consulting, building safety case reports and undertaking retrospective fire strategies. Our mission is to provide exceptional fire safety consultancy services with our highly skilled and experienced fire safety consultants dedicated to helping you maintain a safe and compliant environment that protects your property, employees, and investments from the risk of fire.

From our base in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, situated between Oxford, Swindon in Wiltshire and Reading in Berkshire, we offer our fire safety consultancy services throughout the surrounding counties extending from London to the east to Bristol in the west and from Birmingham to the north down to Southampton on the southern coast.

Our Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Building fire: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire risk assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Our experienced fire safety expert can thoroughly assess your premises to identify potential fire hazards and provide recommendations on how to reduce these risks effectively.

Fire in room: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire compartmentation surveys

Compartmentation Surveys

We can survey the fire-resistant compartments within your building to ensure they will prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and allow more time for occupants to evacuate safely.

Corridor with fire door: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire door surveys

Fire Door Surveys

A fire door survey by our qualified fire safety consultant can identify any potential issues or non-compliance and offer solutions to meet the Fire Safety (England) Regulation 2022.

Fire evacuation sign: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire evacuation strategies

Fire Evacuation Strategies

Our fire safety consultant offers comprehensive fire evacuation procedure planning to ensure the safety of your building’s occupants and visitors in the event of an emergency.

Construction site on fire: We offer construction fire safety strategies and preoccupancy assessments

Construction / Preoccupancy Fire Safety Inspections

I&M Fire Consultancy offers construction fire safety strategies and inspections for construction sites, and preoccupancy fire safety assessments.

Commercial kitchen on fire: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety management plans

Fire Safety Management Plans & Audits

We can ensure that your business is always prepared for fire emergencies with a comprehensive fire plan and regular audits to ensure it remains effective.

Old building on fire: I&M Fire Consultancy offer retrospective fire strategies

Retrospective Fire Strategies

I&M Fire Consultancy offers retrospective fire strategies to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and enhance safety in existing buildings.

High rise building: I&M Fire Consultancy offer building fire safety case reports

Building Safety Case Reports

I&M Fire Consultancy offers Building Safety Case Report preparation to ensure you comply with the Building Safety Act 2022.

Specialising in Large & Complex Buildlings

Our core area of expertise is in delivering comprehensive fire safety solutions for large, elaborate and complex buildings such as those indicated below.

High rise building: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety solutions for high rise buildings

High Rise Buildings

Hotel:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety consultancy services for hotels


University:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety solutions for schools and universities

Schools & Universities

Factory:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety consultancy services for factories


Warehouse:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety solutions for warehouses


Shopping Mall: I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety solutions for shppping centres

Retail Centres

Shop:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety consultancy services for retail shops


Commercial Office:  I&M Fire Consultancy offer fire safety solutions for commercial premises

Commercial Premises

Heritage Building:  We offer fire safety consultancy services for heritage buildings

Heritage Buildings

Why Choose I&M Fire Consultancy

Fire Safety Expertise

With years of experience in the fire safety field, we offer expert insights and knowledge in fire prevention and protection.

Fire Safety Compliance

We understand and stay updated with the latest government fire regulations and standards enabling us to ensure your property is fully compliant.

Quality Assurance

We maintain a high level of quality control over all our work from conducting thorough assessments to designing detailed fire safety strategies.

Customised Solutions

We offer personalised strategies and tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of each unique business and property.

Responsive Support

We are ready to assist you whenever needed and at every step of the way, assuring you of a prompt and reliable fire safety consultancy service.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe in providing a first-class service to our clients and building strong relationships as their trust in our services is of utmost importance to us.

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Whether you are located within our local area of Oxford, Swindon, Newbury or Reading or further towards London, Bristol, Birmingham or Southampton we can provide fire safety solutions to meet your requirements.