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Building Safety Case Reports

Why a Building Safety Case Report Is Necessary

The Building Safety Act gained Royal Assent on the 28 April 2022 and makes ground-breaking reforms to give residents and homeowners more rights, powers and protections. The Act overhauls existing regulations, creating lasting change and makes clear how residential buildings should be constructed, maintained and made safe. Full implementation of the Act is in October 2023, which means each building owner should have their building safety regime in place by this time.

Under the Building Safety Act 2022, a number of roles and responsibilities were introduced relating to high-rise residential properties. These duties relate to the management of risk and prevention strategies to avoid and reduce the impact of potential incidents. The Building Safety Act aims to limit the consequences should an incident relating to a fire or structural failure of a high-rise building occur. One of the responsibilities is the requirement to produce and maintain a Building Safety Case Report.

Government Guidance on the Building Safety Act

What Is a Building Safety Case Report?

A building safety case is a critical requirement for buildings that fall within the scope of high-rise, high-risk properties within the Building Safety Act 2022. 

The safety case provides important information to the Building Safety Regulator and demonstrates how relevant people for the building are taking action to identify, manage and mitigate fire and structural risks. It is also an important part of complying with the Building Safety Act but more so it plays a crucial role in helping you reduce the risk to life safety in your building.

The process of the building safety case is pulling together any information and supporting evidence used to manage the risks of fire spread and the structural safety of your building. Your safety case will demonstrate that the building safety risks have been identified, assessed, and are being prevented or managed at an acceptable level.

In developing the Building Safety Case Report, there is key building information that is required for building Registration Stage. The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) outlines the specific types of information that will be needed when conducting the initial assessment of the building here.

Responsibilities and Compliance

If you are the Principal Accountable Person (PAP) for an occupied, high-rise residential building, you will be required to produce a Building Safety Case Report. This should demonstrate that you have identified and assessed the safety risks in your building, defined in legislation as the spread of fire and structural failure.

Your report should show you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent any building safety incidents. It should also show the measures taken to reduce the severity of any incidents if they occur.

A Building Safety Case Report summarises the argument and evidence of the safety case documents. It is based on a structured argument about the claim that the building is safe and the evidence to support that claim.

Government Guidance: Safety in high-rise residential buildings: Accountable persons

Building Safety Case Reports by I&M Fire Consultancy

Have you started preparing your building safety case yet? Are you aware of the critical considerations you need to be thinking about?

If not, I&M Fire Consultancy can help you address any gaps in key building information as a priority because this information will eventually also form part of your Building Safety Case Report.

I&M Fire consultancy Ltd’s approach would be to:

  • Stage 1: perform a survey which will include an initial site visit and information gathering to produce a gap analysis for comparison against the regulator’s requirements.
  • Stage 2: work with you in closing the gap.
  • Stage 3: develop the safety case and Building Safety Case Report, share this with the PAP or AP for submission to BSR once approved.
  • Stage 4: perform on-going safety management reviews and reviews of the building safety case as this will be a live document requiring reviews.

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