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Fire Compartmentation Surveys

The Importance of Fire Compartmentation

In relation to fire safety, one of the most vital aspects is fire compartmentation. This process involves dividing a building into smaller compartments using fire-resistant materials to act as a barrier, confine any fire to its origin, and prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire throughout the building. Compartmentation protects escape routes and high-risk areas and plays a crucial role in minimising property damage and protecting lives during a fire incident. By subdividing a building into separate compartments, fire compartmentation provides occupants with additional time to evacuate safely and allows firefighting personnel to contain and extinguish the fire more effectively.

What Is a Compartmentation Survey?

Compartmentation surveys go beyond the scope of a standard fire risk assessment and are invaluable in maintaining a safe environment and minimising the impact of fire incidents. While fire risk assessments typically involve a visual assessment of existing compartmentation measures, compartmentation surveys delve deeper into the condition and adequacy of fire-resistant compartments within a building. These surveys aim to assess the overall effectiveness of compartmentation in preventing the spread of smoke and fire and identify any deficiencies. Compartmentation surveys provide a comprehensive evaluation of the existing fire compartmentation measures by examining the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, voids, and other relevant areas.

The Purpose of Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation surveys serve multiple purposes including ensuring fire safety compliance and identifying potential risks and breaches within a building. These surveys assess the suitability and condition of existing fire compartments, evaluate the effectiveness of escape routes, and identify any areas of non-compliance. By prioritising fire compartmentation and conducting regular surveys, building owners and managers can fulfil their legal obligations, protect lives, and safeguard their property from the devastating effects of fire.

Responsibilities and Compliance

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places the responsibility on the “responsible person” to ensure that fire compartmentation within their building is robust, well-managed, and properly maintained. This includes regular checks to ensure compliance with legal requirements and the implementation of a suitable fire compartmentation strategy.

Fire compartmentation surveys also align with the requirements outlined in the Building Regulations’ Approved Document B. These regulations mandate the subdivision of buildings into compartments using fire-resistant walls and floors to minimise the risk of fire and smoke spreading rapidly.

To ensure the effectiveness of fire compartmentation measures, it is essential to conduct thorough compartmentation surveys and by conducting compartmentation surveys building owners and managers can ensure compliance with these regulations and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for occupants.

Fire Compartmentation Drawings

As part of a comprehensive fire safety strategy, fire compartmentation drawings outline the location of fire compartments, fire doors, exit routes, fire fighting equipment, and alarm manual call points and aid in the effective management of fire incidents.

Comprehensive Fire Compartmentation Surveys by I&M Fire Consultancy

Given the potential intrusiveness and complexity involved in fire compartmentation surveys, it is crucial to engage the services of fire safety consultants with the necessary qualifications and expertise to carry out thorough and accurate compartmentation surveys to assess building structures, active and passive fire safety measures, and systems.

At I&M Fire Consultancy, we have years of experience conducting thorough compartmentation surveys, identifying critical areas of concern, evaluating the suitability of existing compartmentation measures, and recommending improvements to enhance fire safety compliance. By choosing I&M Fire Consultancy for your compartmentation survey needs, you can ensure that your building meets the required safety standards while also protecting its occupants from potential harm.

We work closely with building owners and managers to understand the building’s specific requirements, tailor the survey accordingly, provide guidance throughout the survey process, offer expert advice, and provide ongoing support to address any identified issues.

Our highly trained and experienced fire consultant is dedicated to ensuring that your building is safe and secure from the risks of fire.

The Compartmentation Survey Process

During the compartmentation survey, we inspect various aspects of the building, such as floors, walls, ceilings, roof voids, basements, shafts and risers, and assess the effectiveness of fire compartmentation measures, such as fire doors and their compliance with relevant British Standards, Approved Document B and any site-specific fire strategy information.

Our Compartmentation Surveys include:

  • Detailed inspection and assessment of all fire barriers
  • Inspection of all fire doors for correct installation and maintenance
  • Identification of penetrations or breaches
  • Identification of shortcomings or non-compliance with regulations

The findings of the survey are compiled into a detailed report that outlines the location of defects, potential risks and breaches, supported by photographic evidence, and provides suggested remedial actions to rectify the identified issues and improve the overall fire safety of the building.

We also provide assistance with understanding building regulations and fire safety standards and recommendations on how to enhance your building’s overall fire safety

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