Are your construction site fire strategies sufficient?
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Fire Inspections During Construction & Preoccupancy Fire Risk Assessments

Importance of Fire Safety Strategies During Construction

Fire safety is a critical concern on construction sites, and fire inspections play a vital role in ensuring the safety of construction sites and their buildings during both the construction phase and preoccupancy. An effective fire safety strategy should consider the specific needs and challenges of the construction site, addressing factors such as fire prevention, the safety of workers and the public, the prevention of fire spread to adjacent buildings, and the availability of firefighting access and water supplies.

It is crucial for all parties involved in construction projects to prioritise fire safety and take proactive measures to control ignition and combustible hazards to mitigate against fire incidents and ensure the successful completion and occupation of the buildings.

Thorough fire risk assessments and inspections should be carried out at key stages of the construction programme each time there is a significant change in fire risk. These inspections provide an opportunity to review on-site fire safety arrangements, assess the implementation of the construction phase fire plan and ensure that appropriate fire precautions are in place. It is imperative that the responsible person periodically reviews the fire risk assessment to ensure its relevance and effectiveness throughout the construction process.

Legal Requirements for Fire Safety on Construction Sites

Compliance with fire safety regulations and adherence to industry best practices is essential to protecting the well-being of workers and the general public during construction projects. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines the legal obligations and responsibilities related to fire safety on construction sites in England and Wales.

Under these regulations, construction projects must take suitable and sufficient steps to prevent the risk of injury arising from fire or explosion. This includes identifying and controlling ignition sources and combustible hazards on site. The responsible parties must ensure that fire safety arrangements are in place and are periodically reviewed to maintain compliance with the regulations.

Once the building is occupied the legal requirements then fall under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 (as updated) and a fire risk assessment is required to be completed for the occupied building.

Construction Phase Fire Risk Assessments by I&M Fire Consultancy

I&M Fire Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services, including construction phase fire risk assessments and inspections, fire safety strategies for construction sites, and preoccupancy fire safety assessments, to support construction projects in mitigating risks, meeting regulatory obligations and maintaining the highest standards of fire safety.

The construction phase fire risk assessment covers various aspects, including structural and procedural fire safety issues, equipment and material usage, associated hazards and risks, as well as general management and maintenance. The assessment also highlights good fire safety practices and identifies any deficiencies that need to be addressed. This comprehensive evaluation provides the responsible person or duty holder with a suitable and sufficient document to aid in the management of site fire safety compliance.

Our assessments involve a systematic and methodical evaluation of the construction site as a whole, as well as the building under construction. The aim is to identify the likelihood of a fire starting, potential causes and the possible consequences that could result from a fire incident. I&M Fire Consultancy helps construction companies comply with legal obligations and ensure the utmost safety on site.

The findings of the assessment are documented in an action plan, which serves as a valuable resource for the Responsible Person or Duty Holder in managing site fire safety compliance throughout the construction process.

Preoccupancy Fire Safety Assessments by I&M Fire Consultancy

Once the construction phase is complete, it is essential to conduct preoccupancy fire safety assessments to ensure that the building is safe for occupation. These assessments, conducted by I&M Fire Consultancy, verify that the necessary fire safety design measures have been incorporated into the building and that the building meets the required fire safety standards. The assessments also contribute to the Building Regulations Regulation 38 information pack, which covers the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of the building.

Our preoccupancy fire safety assessments focus on aspects such as means of escape, internal and external fire spread, fire protection measures and firefighting provisions. The assessment process considers the structure and purpose of the building, relevant fire-related legislation, and fire safety guidance documents. The objective is to determine if the building is fit for occupation and to facilitate a smooth transition from the construction phase to the operational phase.

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I&M Fire Consultancy offers comprehensive fire safety planning inspections during construction through to preoccupancy fire safety assessments to ensure the safety of the construction site and its buildings.

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